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Changes/Resources During Online
Instruction Period

Instruction & Meetings Resources

NSM has compiled resources which can help you prepare to transition to online teaching starting on March 23.

Instruction & Meeting Resources

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Microsoft TEAMS is a tool that is at no additional cost to UH as it is included with our Office 365 license.

TEAMS provides a collaborative online meeting environment where classes, meetings, etc., can be conducted with screen sharing, video, voice, etc. Microsoft TEAMS is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone/iOS, and Android platforms. More Information | Microsoft TEAMS Instructions Updated 3/23/20

You can have students join teams through one of two methods: Updated 3/20/20

  • You can add students one by one. You can find the list of email addresses for your students to be sure you are adding the right people to your TEAMS class by going to Blackboard, click Users and Groups in the left hand menu, then click groups.
  • You can generate a link to post on Blackboard and generate a join code.

How to Add a Whiteboard to Microsoft TEAMS Updated 3/23/20


UH has a hugely discounted rate for licenses for Zoom. According to the UH software download page, our rate is $45/license for the ‘Business’ level license which has many benefits including up to 300 participants in a Zoom meeting that can last up to 24 hours (yeah, we will not have meetings lasting anywhere near that long) with desktop sharing and more features. There is also free access to Zoom that limits the meeting to 100 participants and 45 minutes.

Step-by-Step Instructions on Using Zoom (created by Jeni Leming, Biology & Biochemistry) Updated 3/23/20

University Information Technology Zoom Tips – Including Securing Your Meetings Added 4/3/20

Online Meeting Tutorials and Using the iPad for Instruction

Videos from Dr. James West in the UH Department of Mathematics sites.google.com/nsm.uh.edu/online-teaching-help/home

Online Exams - Respondus Monitor Added 3/19/20

Respondus has generously offered to provide UH with a campus license for Respondus Monitor which works with the Respondus Lockdown Browser. Respondus Monitor can be used as a proctoring device for online exams. Although there is no live proctoring with Respondus Monitor, the software does record the students while they are taking an online exam, and it flags unusual behavior, which instructors can review through the recorded videos. Note that students will need a webcam, microphone, and a reliable internet connection to take exams set up with Respondus Monitor.

Webinar Training Dates: Over the next two weeks, there are several webinar training dates that you can attend to see if this is product right for you and your classes, as well as resources for you and your students to get started. Please click this link to sign up and learn more.

Questions: Can be addressed to Teresa Acosta, tyacosta@central.uh.edu.

Google Meet (prepared by Tony Frankino, Biology & Biochemistry) Added 3/23/20

As of March 13, 2020, UH has a free license for the Enterprise edition of Google Meet (a replacement for Google Hangouts). This software allows you to record a meeting (e.g., live, virtual office hours with students) and automatically save it to your Google Drive account. There are lots of moving parts with this, so the learning curve is a bit steep. But, the payoff is potentially large.

As UH faculty you have unlimited storage capacity on Google Drive. Thus, using Google Meet saves you a step of having to upload your lecture to a site for distribution to students. One advantage of this option is NSMIT will support use of the software (and Hoang will in Biology/Biochemistry). You must use the Google Chrome browser to employ this option.

Before you can get rolling, you need to log into your UH Google Account, configure GoogleDrive and GoogleDriveFileStream.

NSM provides the following links:

BioIT provides the following steps to access your UH Google Account:

  1. Open Chrome browser and Go to www.google.com.
  2. Click “Sign In” at the top right corner. If you don’t see the “Sign In” icon, make sure you logoff from your personal Google account.
  3. At the Google Sign In page, Type in yourCougarNetID@nsm.uh.edu (where ‘yourCougarNetID’ = your Cougarnet ID; e.g., if your Cougarnet ID is jdo, then type jdo@nsm.uh.edu), then click Next. You will be redirected to the MyNSM Google apps login page.
  4. From here type in your CougarNet credential to sign in (e.g., Username: jdo password: whatever jdopassword is)
  5. Once you are logged in with your CougarNet credential, you will see the Google Apps Icon and your myNSM Google icon at the top right corner. Click on the “Google Apps” icon; you should see the GoogleMeet, Google Drive and other Google apps.

Configure Google Drive in Two Steps:

  1. From Chrome, login to Google Drive using your CougarNet username and password. This will open Google Drive in a browser (see above if you need more instruction).
    login.mynsm.uh.edu/cas/login or drive.google.com
  2. You probably want to install Google Drive File Stream, an application that aids in managing your uploads. In the lower left corner of your Google Drive browser window, there is a button to do this. Once you download and install, you log in using your full NSM credentials (usersname@nsm.uh.edu and your cougarnet password; see Access your Google Account above for details).

This will open a window that works like Dropbox, except the target is your Google Drive account with unlimited space. Alternatively, you can stick with the clumsy browser interface to upload files.


Note that Mac users may hit a snag where Google Drive File Stream needs to be configured. To do this, open the System Preferences and click the ‘allow’ button, as shown at right.

“How To” for Google Meet is described in the links below.

Overview of Google Meet

Once you have your meeting set, share via methods outlined in the video and post any saved files as described below.

UH Blackboard Resources

UH Blackboard Help

Instructor help with Blackboard is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, check uh.edusupportcenter.com or call 844-570-6763.

Blackboard Collaborate

This is a feature available through the UH Blackboard class shells. A range of videos are available to help you learn what features can be employed.

As the instructor, you can share your desktop or a particular app (e.g., PowerPoint). If you share your PowerPoint slides, you can either step through the slides where each student sees your current slide or you can allow them to navigate among slides themselves. The instructor can write on and annotate slides and all participants see what you are doing. This is likely the easiest way to hold an online class, particularly if you use PowerPoint. Note that it is also possible to add voice-over to your PowerPoint slides which can be a good way to provide offline ‘instruction.’

Videos for using Blackboard Collaborate created by Professor Bekki George in the Department of Mathematics are also available at www.math.uh.edu/~bekki/BbCollaborate/

Blackboard Training

Online Resources for Laboratory Coordinators

Other Resources

NSM-IT Online Resources

How-to Guides for PDF Annotator Software (Prepared by Bekki George)

Uploading Your Videos to YouTube to Generate a Link You Can Post in Blackboard

Videos can be uploaded to YouTube in order to share on Blackboard. Here are links to YouTube Help pages covering the process:

If you are new to YouTube, this will be helpful:

Pearson Resources for Online Instruction

Pearson has gathered experts from across their company to build a Resource Hub populated with best practices and guidance to help educators make a fast and strong move to online teaching and learning.

The Resource Hub will be populated in real time in the coming days and weeks with new and rich Pearson content, including:

  • Videos on topics like converting to an online course, tips to move online quickly, and screencasting for student feedback
  • Tips for students to excel in online┬ácourses
  • Webinars for online instructing and product offerings

Pearson Online Resource Hub