NSM Continuity

Changes/Resources During Online
Instruction Period

Changes to Submission of Theses/Dissertations and Dissertation Defense

Changes to Submission Process

NSM is transitioning to a fully electronic process for the submission of theses/dissertations to the College and the back-and-forth communications between the readers and the students regarding corrections. Graduate students who have applied for graduation this semester and are planning to submit a thesis/dissertation were contacted March 12 to make them aware that changes would be coming. They received detailed instructions on March 24. The electronic submission process for Senior Honors Theses is similar, and students were notified on March 30.

  • Fully Electronic Submissions: During the transition, NSM will not accept any thesis/dissertation for submission until March 23, when we plan to go fully electronic.
  • Deadline for Submission: Updated 3/25/20 The deadline for submission has been extended to noon on Monday, May 4. That is also the new deadline for applications for the Dan E. Wells Outstanding Dissertation Award.

Changes to Thesis/Dissertation Submission Process - Spring 2020 Updated 3/25/20

Changes to Senior Honors Thesis Submission Process - Spring 2020 Updated 3/27/20

Changes for Defense of Thesis/Dissertation

Remote Defenses Only Updated 3/25/20

All defenses will be conducted remotely, where the student and whole committee are meeting virtually.

Approval Form

NSM will still require the thesis/dissertation approval form to be submitted (electronically) to the College with ALL the signatures of the committee members (electronic signatures are allowed).