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UH COVID-19 Updates Page: Information for UH Community

The University of Houston continues to closely monitor the global outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus). The UH Health Liaison, Dr. Vanessa Tilney, and the UH Office of Emergency Management continue to work with local, state and national authorities on a daily basis. The University will continue to keep the UH community informed as developments occur.

Latest UH Information and Guidelines: UH COVID-19 Updates page.

Consistent Information is Critical

Your assistance is needed to ensure the University of Houston is speaking consistently, with one voice, about University information and procedures related to COVID-19.

It is important that the University maintain a single, complete source of information and procedures and that the information is only displayed and disseminated from a central location. This is a fluid situation, so the information needs to come from a central source.

If you want to include COVID-19 information on your faculty or lab webpages, please link back to the UH COVID-19 Updates page.