NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

COVID Instructional and Logistical Updates

The University has been working hard to ensure that every classroom that will be used to deliver HyFlex courses this fall has the required instructional technology, and that faculty members will have the opportunity to check that technology out before the beginning of class.

HyFlex Classrooms

This UH IT webpage allows you to look up the instructional technology available in the classrooms where your HyFlex classes are scheduled and provides information on who is responsible for supporting the technology needs of a particular classroom. Note that some of the links to classroom photos are still being added.

Additional Instructional Resources

Additional information and assistance for faculty members regarding instruction this fall can be accessed online through the Power-On Training and Faculty Engagement and Development websites.

Facilities Update

Measures UH Facilities has taken concerning building infrastructure, cleaning, HVAC, social distancing, signage, etc. ( Facilities COVID Update)

Auxiliary Programs and Services

Plans for reopening including dining, bookstore, vending, mail delivery, and parking. ( Path to Open Presentation)