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Student Success Update

NSM Spring Updates

Spring 2023 Enrollment Overview

NSM Spring 2023 enrollment based on semester credit hours (SCH) is down by 2.5% compared to enrollment at this time in Spring 2022. In an effort to increase enrollment, the Undergraduate Advising Center and the Office of First Year Programs launched an outreach campaign to students who were eligible to enroll in classes but were not enrolled.

Syllabus and CV Upload to Courses through the Faculty Center

The deadline for uploading your course syllabus and CV to PeopleSoft is January 23.

  • Update Your Syllabus: Here is the updated UH Syllabus Language for Spring 2023 provided by the Office of the Provost. There have been some updates to the language so please ensure you are using the latest version of the information for your syllabus. Please consider using the NSM syllabus template which contains the required information.
  • Upload Your Syllabus: Click here for a guide on how to upload a syllabus to your course listing in PeopleSoft. Also, consider using the NSM syllabus template for your course so that a uniform format can be used for all courses.
  • Upload Your CV: Click here for a guide on how to upload your updated CV in your Faculty Center.

NSM Virtual Graduation Check Event

The NSM Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC) hosted its signature Virtual Graduation Check Event. A communication was sent in December 2022 to NSM students who had completed 90+ credit hours asking them to self-report if they aim to complete degree requirements for graduation in Spring 2023.

In response, 367 students submitted requests for a preliminary graduation check. By January 13, advisors will notify students if they are properly enrolled or need to make course adjustments prior to the end of the registration cycle to meet their goal for spring graduation. The NSM UAC continues to grow this event as it gives the students information for achieving a timely graduation and helps to improve the NSM graduation rate.

NSM Student Leadership Program Updates

The NSM Student Leadership Team held their annual spring retreat on January 10. The retreat focused on professional development for positive and authentic leadership for the 48 Ambassadors, Peer Mentors, and Programming Board members. The retreat allowed the Student Leaders to work together to plan activities for the spring semester. Spring events will include a Research Fair where faculty will have the opportunity to showcase their lab research and speak with students interested in their group, an NSM Talks Alumni Panel, Game/Study Nights, and additional social activities. More details will be shared for all events throughout the semester.

Support for Students on Academic Warning

The Office of First Year Programs hosted an Academic Warning Seminar on Thursday, January 12. In Fall 2022, NSM had 980 first time in college (FTIC) students, out of which 106 (roughly 10%) finished the semester with an Academic Warning status.

Academic Warning students planning to return for Spring 2023 were required to attend the Academic Warning Seminar where they met with NSM Academic Advisors, UH LAUNCH, and UH CAPS. At the event, they reflected on the fall semester and made plans for getting back on track for the Spring 2023 semester. Roughly 69 students (65% of those on Academic Warning) are expected to return for the Spring 2023 semester.

Resources, including the Succeeding in STEM Course and regular academic advising, will be provided throughout the semester to foster academic success for these students. Last year’s programming resulted in a record number of students (42% of those on Academic Warning) achieving Good Academic Standing after Spring 2022 grades posted.