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Student Success Update

NSM Spring Updates

Spring 2024 Enrollment Overview

NSM undergraduate enrollment based on semester credit hours (SCH) is up by 2.93% compared to enrollment at this time in Spring 2023. The Undergraduate Advising Center and the Office of First Year Programs launched an outreach campaign to students who were eligible to enroll in classes but were not enrolled and provided records reviews for those who expect to graduate in Spring 2024 in an effort to further increase enrollment.

Syllabus and CV Upload to Courses through the Faculty Center

The deadline for uploading your course syllabus and CV to PeopleSoft is January 22.

  • Update Your Syllabus - Click here for the syllabus language provided last Fall by the Office of the Provost which can be used for Spring 2024. Please consider using the NSM syllabus template which contains the required information.
  • Upload Your Syllabus - Click here for a guide on how to upload a syllabus to your course listing in PeopleSoft. Also, consider using the NSM syllabus template for your course so that a uniform format can be used for all courses.
  • Upload Your CV - Click here for a guide on how to upload your updated CV in your Faculty Center.

Scholar Enrichment Program (SEP) Inaugural Alumni Open House

The Scholar Enrichment Program hosted an Alumni Open House on November 28. NSM implemented SEP in 1992 to provide academic support to enhance the learning experience and retain undergraduate students to STEM majors. This is the first time an alumni event has been hosted by the program since its inception. NSM, Engineering, and Division of Technology (formerly the College of Technology) alumni attended.

During the event, Eduardo Cerna, SEP program director and SEP alumnus, provided information about the exceptional things the program has accomplished, what is being envisioned for the future, and how alumni can be involved with SEP. At the end of the event, attending alumni completed a survey to indicate how they would like to be involved in future SEP activities and events. SEP is planning a similar event for the Spring 2024 semester with the hopes of reaching a larger alumni base.

Office of First Year Program (OFYP) Updates

Dean’s Freshmen Excellence Award

Dean's Freshmen Excellence Award Luncheon The OFYP hosted the Dean’s Freshman Excellence Award ceremony on December 1. This annual event acknowledges first-year students’ engagement in high-impact activities of the College, including peer mentorship, retention events (e.g., study nights, socials, etc.), volunteer opportunities, and academic advising. Forty-two mentees received the Dean’s Freshman Excellence Award, and 12 NSM Student Leaders were recognized for their outstanding service during Fall 2023. Approximately 65 people attended the event, including students, their parents, Dean Wells, and the Dean’s Office staff.

Admissions and Recruitment

In collaboration with the Office of Special Programs, the OFYP reviewed 561 domestic first-year student admissions applications for the 2024 admissions period (16 for Spring, 3 for Summer, and 542 for Fall).

In addition, the OFYP is partnering with the UH Office of Admissions to facilitate Cougar Previews and Academic Sessions scheduled February through May 2024. These events will include a presentation with information about the College for prospective and admitted students.

Upcoming Recruitment Activities:

  • Friday, February 16: Academic Session
  • Friday, February 23: Academic Session

Student Retention Activities

The OFYP collaborated with several campus partners to offer a variety of activities to support the success and retention of first-year students. Sixty-seven NSM students were invited to attend an Academic Success Seminar on January 9 where they had the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on their academic performance at UH thus far,
  • Learn about available resources to empower their success, including NSM’s Undergraduate Advising Center and UH’s CAPS, LAUNCH, and Wellness programs, and
  • Select the option to either participate in a student success course (IDNS 2297: Succeeding in STEM) facilitated by the OFYP or to complete a semester-long, self-paced success plan.

These support options are designed to empower students in developing fundamental knowledge, skills, and abilities to promote their academic and holistic success and feature available campus resources. Students who could not attend the Academic Success Seminar will have the opportunity to attend a make-up session on January 12.