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Schedule a teachHOUSTON Classroom Visit

teachHOUSTON would like to showcase a great career option for NSM students! teachHOUSTON is a STEM teacher preparation program in the Department of Mathematics whose goal is to improve the STEM teacher pipeline to under-resourced schools in the greater Houston area and beyond. We provide a variety of programs by which teacher candidates can get certified in 7–12 Math, Science, and/or Computer Science. All STEM majors are invited to consider teachHOUSTON as part of their training during their career at the University of Houston.

teachHOUSTON Now is the time to encourage your students to consider teachHOUSTON as their capstone.

Dr. Karen McIntush, the teachHOUSTON Faculty Advisor, and the team are scheduling classroom visits now and would love the opportunity to share information about teachHOUSTON with your students.

The presentation and Q&A should only take 10 minutes or less. You may email Dr. Karen McIntush at kemcintu@central.uh.edu for more information.

Schedule a Classroom Visit

Please schedule a class visit using this link: https://tinyurl.com/NSMVisit

Did You Know?

  • The teachHOUSTON teacher certification program meets the NSM students’ capstone requirement.
  • Students will not add additional time to their degree by pursuing their teaching credentials alongside their STEM degree.
  • Over 80% of teachHOUSTON students receive scholarships through various NSF grants secured by the co-director, Dr. Paige Evans.
  • 70% of our students are considered minorities.
  • teachHOUSTON offers a traditional undergraduate route to certification as well as an Alternative Certification Route (ACP). Senior-level students are eligible for the ACP route.
  • There has been a historic shortage in STEM teachers in secondary schools (7th–12th grades), which opens the door for employment for NSM students.
  • 90% of our students enter teaching after receiving preparation on teaching in urban and diverse student environments.
  • Starting salaries for STEM teachers in the greater Houston area average $63K a year. Some districts also offer signing bonuses for these high-need, certified STEM teachers.
  • Teaching skills are transferable to ALL professions.
  • Students interested in teaching in higher education will benefit from this program as they learn about pedagogy and how students learn.
  • More information is available on our website.

How can NSM Students learn more about teachHOUSTON?

Share our other teachHOUSTON events below:

  1. NSM Advising Fair - April 1: teachHOUSTON will host a table in Lamar Fleming at the NSM Undergraduate Advising Center: Lights, Camera, Advising! Event. Students will be able to visit with teachHOUSTON instructors and students to learn more about the program and ask questions regarding enrollment and course offerings from 9:30 a.m.–4 p.m.
  2. teachHOUSTON Registration Round-Up - April 2: teachHOUSTON will have a table set up in Lamar Fleming from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to share about our programmatic coursework and the benefits of adding teaching credentials to an NSM program.