NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

Science & Research 1 Renovations

Rendering of completed renovation

As everyone knows by now, Science & Research 1 is undergoing renovations to the façade. This project is scheduled to last from now until the end of November 2020.

During the project, the existing brick façade and windows will be removed and replaced. Below is the timeline for the project on each side of the building. ( See overhead view of building with schedule marked)

  • Phase 1 West Side: 10/21/19 – 4/4/20
  • Phase 2 North Side: 12/4/19 – 4/20/20
  • Phase 3 East Side: 4/6/20 – 11/19/20
  • Phase 4 South Side: 4/14/20 – 11/18/20

As the project progresses, Mike Mahanay will distribute more specific scheduling for each phase. Some faculty, staff, and labs will be impacted as the windows are being replaced, and certain offices/labs will need to be accessed by the general contractor prior to and during window removal and replacement. Persons to be affected by the window removal will be notified well in advance of the date of removal.