NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

First Steps – NSM Strategic Planning: How You Can Help Now

At the heart of strategic planning is an organization’s core values. Strategic initiatives need to be linked to and built from those core values.

To start the planning process for the next NSM Strategic Plan, I want to step back a second and relook at the College’s core values. Below is a list of the University’s core values from the recent UH Strategic Plan and the core values we established in the NSM 2016 Strategic Plan.

I ask each faculty and staff member to review the 2016 NSM core values and email me (dwells@uh.edu) or Alex Gilles (apaul3@central.uh.edu) any comments, suggestions, or changes that you feel the College should make to them.

UH Core Values 2021

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Freedom of Expression: We value our people and embrace our differences as we remove barriers, engage in free and open discourse and provide resources to think critically and make us stronger.
  • Innovation: We infuse innovation into everything—our culture, curriculum, and campus workplace.
  • Collaboration: We build strength through creative innovation, entrepreneurship, research, intellectual curiosity, and partnerships in everything we do.
  • Resilience: We change and adapt, transform and are creative to meet the ever-changing needs of the University and society.

NSM Core Values 2016

  • Dedication to student success through academic excellence
  • Outstanding teaching informed by research
  • Innovative science and education with global impact
  • Dynamic environment that fosters academic freedom and growth
  • Collaborative and diverse community of faculty, staff and students

I value your input as we begin the process of reviewing our core values and embarking on a strategic plan to guide us for the next five years.