NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

NSM Holds “Annual Three-Minute Thesis: Hot Topics in NSM” Symposium

On Friday, Oct. 7, NSM Graduate Programs held its annual “Three-Minute Thesis: Hot Topics in NSM” symposium and competition.

The featured speakers, who were nominated by their respective departments, were:

  • Abhinav Bagchi, “Targeting Liver X Receptors as Immune - Metabolic Checkpoints in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma” from the Lin Lab in the Department of Biology & Biochemistry
  • S. Mahmood Ghasemi, “Gene Transcription Analysis in Breast Cancer Cells,” from the Azencott Group in the Department of Mathematics
  • Ananya Mondal, “Threading the Nanopore Needle with DNA,” from the Morrison Group in the Department of Physics
  • Morris Olumba, “Donor-Acceptor Interactions in Luminescent Building Blocks,” from the Teets Group in the Department of Chemistry, and
  • Ruby Patterson, “The Cosmic Library,” from the Lapen Group in the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

About 60 students, faculty, and staff joined in person to share a pizza lunch, and another 15 joined online.

All the presenters represented their departments very well, presented their research excellently, and eloquently responded to questions from those in attendance.

People’s Choice Award

All of those in attendance voted for the $150 “People’s Choice Award,” with Ananya Mondal winning the honor.

Judges’ Award

A panel of graduate student representatives with a representative from each department chose Ruby Patterson as the winner of the $150 “Judges’ Award.”

University-Wide Competition in November - Open to Any Student

There will be a UH-wide 3-Minute Thesis Competition in November that is open to any graduate student who wishes to participate. Registration is due by Oct. 24. More Information and Registration