NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

NASA Seeking Volunteers for Review Panels

NASA’s Science Mission Directorate is seeking subject matter experts to engage in discussions at a virtual panel meeting or to provide external reviews via email of proposals to the “ROSES” (Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Science) research solicitation.

There are a number of different ROSES programs, and the breadth covers all disciplines in NSM. There are opportunities for faculty, postdocs, and grad students in all departments. This is a great way for NSM faculty to make connections and to do some outreach. 

To volunteer, use the link below to see the programs currently seeking reviewers. Within the volunteer review forms, indicate the fields in which you consider yourself to be a subject matter expert. If your expertise matches program needs, NASA will contact you to discuss potential review assignments.

Qualified subject matter experts may, and are encouraged, to volunteer to one or more program reviewer calls. If you volunteered in a prior year and were not invited or were invited but not available, please complete a new form(s). NASA periodically updates the volunteer page to remove or add opportunities.

Review Panel Volunteer Page

Roles Open to Postdocs and Upper-Level Graduate Students

New researchers including postdoctoral fellows and sometimes upper-level graduate students are welcome. Please encourage them to apply.

For graduate students, it’s a great window into how scientific review panels work and would be an excellent experience for them to gain an understanding of how excellent proposals are written and how grants are reviewed.

In the volunteer form, there is an executive secretary role. It is typically filled by senior graduate students or early postdocs that have not previously served on a panel.