NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

NSM DEI Committee Engages Faculty through Service, Outreach, and Communications on Celebrating Diversity, Heritage, and Multiculturalism

The NSM DEI Committee has had a busy spring semester with more to follow!

Spring Activities to Date

The Committee co-chairs (Jonny Wu, Mariam Manuel, and Jim Briggs) worked alongside committee members (Shuhab Khan, Thamar Solorio, Donna Stokes, and Ny Riavo G. Voarintsoa) and the NSM Communications Office (Kathy Major and Chris Watts) to develop and share celebratory emails recognizing Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and most recently, an informational email providing helpful advice for the month of Ramadan.

On Feb. 28, to celebrate Black History Month, the NSM Faculty DEI Committee organized a trip to Texas Southern University to view the historic murals in Hannah Hall. The tour was led by TSU Museum public relations representative, Bonita Cutliff. In addition to viewing the murals in Hannah Hall, NSM faculty also viewed the wonderful work of Dr. John Biggers at the TSU Art Museum. The visit was planned by co-chair Jonny Wu alongside members Leah McAlister-Shields, Mini Das, and Jacqueline Ekeoba.

Save the Date: May 1 - Session on NSF Broader Impacts Section

On May 1, the NSM Faculty DEI Committee will host an event focused on the Broader Impacts section of NSF proposals. The “Planning for Broader Impacts” session is spearheaded by co-chair Mariam Manuel and subcommittee members Jacqueline Ekeoba, Tony Frankino, Lisa Koerner, Amy Sater, and Donna Stokes.

Date/Time: Monday, May 1, 9-10:30 a.m.
Location: Farish Hall, KIVA room

Description: The Planning for Broader Impacts session will feature informative insights on what to include in an NSF proposal’s Broader Impacts section. Participants will hear from faculty who have served as reviewers. They will share their advice on what reviewers look for and provide guidance on the implementation of a proposed broader impacts. You also will hear about tips on budgeting for the activities. Additionally, this session will include an opportunity to interact with various groups that specialize in providing outreach as a way to help you plan your next NSF proposal’s broader impacts section. Light refreshments will be provided.

RSVP: forms.office.com/r/PUkCHbd8mR

NSM DEI Faculty Committee Members

  • Jonny Wu, Associate Professor, Earth Atmospheric Sciences (Co-Chair)
  • Mariam Manuel, Clinical Assistant Professor, Mathematics/teachHOUSTON (Co-Chair)
  • Jim Briggs, Associate Dean NSM (Co-Chair)
  • Mini Das, Professor, Physics
  • Casey Douglas, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Jacqueline Ekeoba, Lecturer, Mathematics/teachHOUSTON
  • Paige Evans, Clinical Professor, Mathematics/teachHOUSTON
  • Tony Frankino, Associate Professor, Biology & Biochemistry
  • Shuhab Khan, Professor, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
  • Lisa Koerner, Professor, Physics
  • Leah McAlister-Shields, Clinical Assistant Professor, Mathematics/teachHOUSTON
  • Ognjen Miljanić, Professor, Chemistry
  • Amy Sater, Professor, Biology & Biochemistry
  • Thamar Solorio, Professor, Computer Science
  • Donna Stokes, Associate Dean NSM
  • Ny Riavo G. Voarintsoa, Assistant Professor, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences