NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

Staff DEI Committee Update

New Staff Committee Members

The committee welcomes new members Eduardo Cerna (NSM Scholar Enrichment Program-SEP), Seth Evans (Chemistry), and Rebeca Trejo (NSM Communications). They are adding tremendous value, and along with the committee, look forward to sharing upcoming workshops and trainings for the next academic year. Reach out to Stacy Halley (Staff Chair) at sahalley@uh.edu if you are interested in learning more about serving on the committee.

Cougar Ally Training Update

Congratulations to the 11 faculty and staff who participated in Cougar Ally Training in June and the 13 who will be going through the training on July 16. Way to go NSM! You can learn more about Cougar Ally Training and see future training dates here.

Pronouns Matter

Pronouns are becoming increasingly more important as we better understand and work with our faculty, staff, and students. You can use this helpful website – MyPronouns.org Resources on Personal Pronouns – to learn more about usage of pronouns and why they matter.

Remember to check the staff webpage for updates and other pertinent information. You can send feedback to nsm-dei@nsm.uh.edu.