NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

NSM Undergraduate Research Portal Launched

NSM has developed a Research Portal which gives faculty and undergraduate students the opportunity to connect for research opportunities. With the launch of this portal, NSM hopes to engage as many of our students in research opportunities as possible, contributing to the promotion of overall student success.

The portal offers you the freedom to post/repost positions available for undergraduates in your lab.

Key Features of the Portal

  • Post volunteer or paid undergraduate positions directly to the site without going through an intermediary. The Associate and/or Assistant Deans for Student Success or NSM IT will be available if you need assistance.
  • Ability to set an end date for your posting so that it automatically disappears from the site once the date has passed.
  • Deactivate/remove a post once the position is filled.
  • Save position descriptions for editing and posting or reposting at later dates.

Post Your Research Opportunity

Instructions for posting undergraduate research opportunities can be found at the following link: sites.google.com/a/nsm.uh.edu/user-manuals/home/nsm-records/undergraduate-research-form.

Students will be able to view research postings through a link located on NSM’s Undergraduate Research page. The link to the research portal will be added once there is at least one position posted.


Please do not hesitate to contact Donna Pattison (dpattison@uh.edu) or Donna Stokes (dstokes@uh.edu) for assistance.