NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

Spring 2021: A Tale of Two Plans

Last week, President Khator provided staff and faculty with an update on plans for the spring semester.

To maintain flexibility due to the unpredictable nature of the coronavirus, the University is preparing two strategies for Spring 2021.

Plan A: This assumes that the virus will be contained, and the environment will be generally safe for campus instruction.

  1. A quarter of the classes will provide a face-to-face option for students.
  2. All staff will come to campus to work at least two days a week. If our students are on campus, it is important that all services are available on campus. Supervisors will have the authority to grant exceptions on a case-by-case basis for valid reasons.
  3. All research labs will be fully functional.
  4. We will remain flexible enough to shift online should the conditions warrant.

Plan B: This assumes that the virus is spreading rapidly, and the environment is not safe for students, faculty, and staff to return to campus.

  1. Limited classes will be held on campus, the same as for fall semester.
  2. Faculty and staff will work remotely. Essential personnel will continue to be on campus, the same as for fall semester.
  3. Research labs and offices will be open, the same as for fall semester.

There are still two months until the first day of the spring semester. The situation could change significantly in either direction. UH’s COVID team will continue to monitor the situation and a number of criteria, including direction from the Governor, will guide the University as we approach the Spring Semester.