NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

Report on NSM IT Survey

NSM prepared and conducted a survey of NSM faculty, staff, and students regarding a range of Information Technology topics in order to assess the level of faculty awareness and satisfaction with them. The survey was prepared by collecting questions from Fred McGhee, Dan Wells, and members of the Policy Committee. The committee made recommendations about organization and categories of questions.

Survey Structure

The survey had 22 questions plus two identification questions (home department and faculty/staff/student). About half of the questions were general in nature while the rest were specific and focused on departmental IT or specific types of services, like the MyNSM Store and its various apps, CASA, instructional support for classroom teaching, course design and optimization, multimedia and 3D printing/scanning, and wireless networking. There were four free-form response questions that focused on how NSM IT could provide better support for research, teaching, learning, and administration; improve how NSM IT communicates about its services; what should NSM IT prioritize; and a general request for additional comments and concerns.

Survey Review

The NSM Policy Committee reviewed the survey results and comments and produced a report with recommendations for NSM IT. Many of the recommendations centered on methods for improved communication about available resources and services. Responses that identified specific people or departments were either removed or de-identified. The response rate among faculty was unusually high (61%) which may speak to the importance of the topics. The report and recommendations are being shared with NSM IT who will be asked for a response and implementation plan. This will be monitored by the College Business Office who will engage the NSM Policy Committee as needed. The full survey questions and survey results can be found here.