NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

Dean’s Advisory Board Members and Alumni Serve as Mentors

Professional Mentoring Event – February 9

Three members from the Dean’s Advisory Board and four alumni participated in the Office of First Year Program’s Professional Mentoring Event with the NSM Student Leadership Program.

Students were paired by area of career interest to learn more about the mentors and their pathway to success in their respective fields. Each mentor hosted two, 30-minute discussions in a breakout room with students rotating through to work on their elevator pitch and to ask questions about their plans after graduation. Feedback received was very positive, and students now have alumni resources they can reach out to for networking and guidance.

Real Talk with NSM Alumni Panel – March 1

NSM partnered with University Career Services to host “Real Talk with NSM Alumni.” Again, members from the Dean’s Advisory Board rose to the occasion to lend their expertise and words of wisdom for NSM students. The intimate session provided students an insider’s view of professionals who shared how they had to pivot, evaluate their education plans, and ultimately step out in faith to follow their dreams and passion for science.

Is Your Department Looking for Opportunities to Engage Alumni?

If your department is looking for mentors or opportunities to engage alumni, please reach out to the NSM Development Office (Janis Parsley, japarsley@central.uh.edu or Stacy Halley, sahalley@central.uh.edu) to work on these important engagement opportunities.