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From the Office of the Dean

Faculty-Staff Campaign Kicks Off During UH Giving Day 2021

Faculty & Staff Campaign

Every year, UH hosts a Faculty and Staff Campaign. This worthy effort supports a broad variety of initiatives, especially here at NSM, like the Dean’s Innovation Fund and the Crossing the Finish Line Scholarship just to name a couple.

We recognize that this 2021 Faculty and Staff Campaign comes during a time of change and challenge in all facets of our lives. However, with change comes the opportunity to create new traditions.

Our new tradition this year? We are seeking to come together with 100% participation in the 2021 Faculty and Staff Campaign to help out our staff, faculty, and students who need it most.

The importance of your contribution to this campaign reaches beyond the support of your selected initiative(s). Your support sends an energetic message to our alumni, donors, legislators, corporations, foundations, and friends of UH. With 100% participation, our collective UH message will be resounding.

We hope that you will take time and energy to participate in supporting your favorite initiatives.

Ways to Give: 2021 Faculty and Staff Campaign

Together we are powerful. Gifts of any amount make a collective impact.