NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

Student Success Update

NSM Career Center Update

The NSM Career Center continues to focus on connecting with leading industry employers to form partnerships and bring internship and full-time role opportunities to NSM students. The fall semester rounded out with eight students participating in a Company TREK to Lonza and a site visit and tour by the career center director to TechnipFMC.

Our student engagement in the HireNSM platform continues to grow. To date, there have been 1,343 student log ins since the launch of the platform. This reflects a total reach of 23% of our student population. In addition, 251 have uploaded a resume, and 270 have applied to internships or full-time roles through the platform. Also noteworthy was the engagement with our Winter Break Tips and Holiday Student Message. The message was sent out to 5,123 NSM students and received a total of 6,066 opens. This was a record level of engagement and a great way to close out the fall semester.

SEP Spring Workshop Enrollment

Five days before the start of the spring semester, the Scholar Enrichment Program (SEP) academic excellence workshops had a total enrollment of 874 students, a 12.3% decrease from last spring. A final push was initiated in an attempt to increase enrollment to the set 950 goal. Recruitment was completed at all levels from program administrators to professors to communication directors to ensure all students were made aware of the workshop opportunities for introductory science and math courses. On January 25, enrollment in workshops surpassed the 950 enrollment goal with 1,005 students to be supported by 40 peer-led team learning workshops.

STEM RISE Program Receives an Award for Advancing Women and Girls in STEM

The STEM Research Inquiry Summer Enrichment (STEM RISE) program was awarded the 2022 Stand Up for STEM Educational Organization Award from the Texas Girls Collaborative Project. Funded in part by the National Science Foundation, STEM RISE provides young scholars with a hands-on STEM experience in the classroom and in research labs.

UH medical students, undergraduate science/math majors, and faculty serve as mentors to high school students to encourage best practices in the use of science labs and their tools. The program is a collaboration between UH’s College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, teachHOUSTON, the Tilman J. Fertitta Family College of Medicine, and Jack Yates High School, in partnership with Third Ward community leaders. The STEM RISE program is led by co-directors Mariam Manuel (teachHOUSTON), Jacqueline Ekeoba (teachHOUSTON), Michelle Carroll Turpin (Fertitta Family College of Medicine), and Thomas Thesen (Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth University).