NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

Strategic Planning Update

Based on faculty and staff input, the following is a draft of our 2022 Core Values, Mission Statement, and Vision Statement. These are still subject to modification if needed.

Core Values

  • Collaborative, diverse, and inclusive community of faculty, staff, and students
  • Dynamic environment that fosters academic freedom and growth
  • Dedication to student success through academic excellence
  • Outstanding and resilient teaching informed by research
  • Innovative science and education with global impact

Mission Statement

The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is committed to the success of our students, the pursuit of knowledge through fundamental and applied research, and continued engagement in community and professional service. The College is dedicated to cultivating an environment of intellectual growth and serving as a leader in innovative research.

Vision Statement

Become a premier destination for students and faculty seeking to develop new knowledge as well as practical solutions to global challenges.

The Dean has established six initial planning groups as follows.

Faculty Success: Jim Briggs, Chair
Undergraduate Student Success: Donna Stokes and Donna Pattison, Chairs
Research Success: Randy Lee, Chair
Graduate Student Success: Anne Delcour and Jeremy May, Chairs
Engagement: Kathy Major and Stacy Halley, Chairs
Organizational Effectiveness: Fred McGhee, Chair

Committee members will be added over the next week, and planning meetings should begin within two weeks. If you are interested in being involved in this process, please email Dan Wells (dwells2@central.uh.edu).