NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

Changes in the Undergraduate Office

The departure of Andrew Hamilton on July 1, coupled with the retirement of Ian Evans later this summer, leaves a big hole in the leadership of the College’s Undergraduate Office. The College plans to initiate a national search, as soon as we can get approval, to recruit a new Associate Dean for Student Success and Undergraduate Affairs.

In the interim, I have appointed Donna Stokes (from Physics) as Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairs and Donna Pattison (from Biology & Biochemistry) as Assistant Dean for Student Success effective July 1.

Donna Stokes will oversee Student Grievances, Academic Affairs, Advising, and First Year Programs. Dr. Stokes is currently the Chair of the Physics Undergraduate Studies Committee. She is also a member of the ADVANCE Internal Advisory Board and a founding member of the UH Women of Color Coalition. In addition, Dr. Stokes has served on the Faculty Senate for 4 years, as a member of the College Curriculum Committee. She currently serves as PI or Co-PI on multiple STEM Education grants.

Donna Pattison will oversee Student Success Grant Development/Coordination, Community College Partnerships, Scholar Enrichment Program/LSAMP, and Signature Undergraduate Programs. Dr. Pattison is currently Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Affairs for Biology & Biochemistry. She has been on the Faculty Senate since 2012, including multiple years as a member of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. Dr. Pattison currently serves as the NSM Faculty Director for Student Success programs and oversees the current multi-departmental HHMI Student Success grant.

Until a new Associate Dean is named, Dean Wells will oversee and work closely with Donna and Donna to run the business side of the Undergraduate Office.