NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

NSM Launches Three Mentoring Programs

This fall, the NSM Office of First Year Programs launched its traditional FTIC Mentor Program, as well as two new programs, the Transfer Student Mentoring Program and the Student Leadership Professional Mentoring Program.

The FTIC Mentor Program pairs NSM Peer Mentors with incoming FTICs to provide workshops to help students adjust to college life and introduce them to campus resources and student success tools. The mentors have also organized exam reviews for the mentees for the introductory biology, chemistry, and calculus courses where freshmen tend to struggle the most.

The Transfer Student Mentor Program pairs Faculty/Staff mentors with incoming transfer students to help them transition to UH, get connected with NSM, and provide them with information about tools and resources for support and professional development. This new program currently has 15 mentors serving 20 transfer students. We hope to grow the program in the upcoming semesters. Thank you to our 15 mentors!

The Student Leadership Professional Mentoring Program will pair NSM Student Leaders with the Dean’s Advisory Board members and NSM alumni for professional development and career guidance. This program will allow students to hear about the experiences of industry leaders, make professional contacts, and build a professional Cougar network. The program will launch its first event in late October and will use connections with the NSM Alumni Association to identify and recruit mentors.