NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

Four NSM Staff Recognized with President’s Excellence Awards

Congratulations to four NSM staff members who were selected as recipients of the 2022 President’s Excellence Awards. They were honored at an evening reception at the Hilton University of Houston on September 7.

These awards are a high professional achievement. We are proud of you!

President’s Community Service Award Winner

  • Stacy Halley Stacy Halley, NSM Senior Director of Advancement

This award recognizes a University employee who engages in exemplary community engagement activities such as volunteerism, community-based learning, outreach, partnerships, curricular engagement, or community-based research and collaboration.

President’s Excellence Award Winners

Tristan Sims Michelle Nodskov Jasmine Harrison
  • Tristan Sims, Program Director, NSM Undergraduate Studies
  • Michelle Nodskov, Program Manager, NSM Office of First Year Programs
  • Jasmine Harrison, NSM Development Coordinator

The President’s Excellence Award recognizes meritorious service, dedication, and contribution to the University beyond the requirements or expectations of the job. Characteristics of a staff member’s performance that are considered criteria for this award are:

  • Superior job performance and a high degree of proficiency in areas of responsibility
  • Outstanding personal traits, such as dedication, loyalty, reliability, courtesy, honesty, and initiative
  • Continuous demonstration of service concepts necessary to support the department and University
  • Initiative in making improvements in work methods, standards of operations, or in developing new programs, services, or cost savings that enhance or support the department and University
  • The ability to work cooperatively as a member of the work team