NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

NSM Strategic Plan Available Online

The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics five-year strategic plan, “Forward to Fifty - 2022–2027,” underscores the College’s commitment to the University of Houston’s core values of diversity, innovation, collaboration, and resilience.

It acknowledges and emphasizes the basic tenants of the UH Strategic Plan to advance student success, nationally competitive research, social responsibility, nationally relevant athletics, and competitive funding. The NSM Strategic Plan is similarly aligned with the UH goal of becoming a top 50 public university. With that in mind, the Forward to Fifty slogan has the dual meaning that includes planning for the 50-year anniversary of the College (2027) and achieving top 50 status as a public University.

The NSM Strategic Plan is based on the core values, mission, and vision of the College. It is comprised of nine strategic priorities with initiatives and action steps to address each of the priorities. It is prospective, quantifiable, and adaptable in order to take advantage of new opportunities and respond to changing landscapes.

The following sections of the NSM Strategic Plan are available online: Values, Mission, and Vision; Executive Summary; and Strategic Priorities.

To obtain a full copy of the NSM Strategic Plan, including action steps and measurable targets, please contact Alexandra Gilles, Administrative Coordinator, at agilles@central.uh.edu.