NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

Briefs from the Dean

Faculty Meeting Scheduled

NSM will hold a general faculty meeting on October 23 at 3 pm. Details and Zoom login information to follow. Staff are welcome to attend.

Fall Course Enrollments

Thanks to the outstanding work of many staff and faculty and to the flexibility and commitment shown by many faculty, NSM Fall course enrollments are up 1.53% at ORD over Fall 2019 enrollments. This is comparable to UH-wide increases of 1.58%.

Spring 2021 Instructional Plan

The Provost’s Office has developed a tentative plan for Spring instruction. The Spring plan will look a lot like the Fall plan with courses being offered in HyFlex, Synchronous, and Asynchronous modes. Once again, faculty will have the flexibility to choose the mode in which they wish to teach.

Mail/Package Delivery

During the past several months, mail and package delivery has been somewhat erratic. Fast and efficient delivery is especially important for perishable lab supplies. Departments are (or will soon be) receiving package delivery to their location. If any problems or questions arise, please contact Judy Mata in the NSM Business Office at 713-743-3060 or jmata@central.uh.edu.

Have an Idea for the Newsletter?

If you are interested in suggesting a topic to be covered in the newsletter, or in contributing your own article, please email Kathy Major or Dan Wells with your idea. Remember that these articles should be focused on a wide audience (not just one department or subgroup of faculty or staff).