NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

2021–2022 Replacement Faculty Searches

Annually, NSM is given the opportunity to submit a proposal to request replacement faculty searches/hiring. Departments are asked to develop proposals that align with our UH Research Thrust Areas, Strategic Plan, and teaching needs. Obviously, there is not always perfect alignment between what we view as our needs and those University-level priorities, but requests that do align are easier to justify and receive approval.

Importantly, success of the searches requires much more than the search committee to help identify and encourage a large and diverse applicant pool. All of us should help by directly reaching out to organizations with potential diverse candidates as well as directly to PIs/Mentors and to candidates themselves.

While our undergraduate student population is highly diverse as is our city, the diversity and gender balance of our faculty is significantly under-representative. Explicit and active efforts are the most effective in enhancing the sizes, diversity, and representation of applicant pools.

There ARE diverse candidates in ALL fields in which we search — see the 2020 NSF Survey of Earned Doctorates, particularly Table 24. We cannot know if they are highly qualified for our search and try to hire them unless they apply. Direct outreach/engagement can make a big difference in getting them to apply so that we can consider them.

This cycle, NSM was approved to pursue NINE tenured/tenure-track replacement searches, as detailed below. Most of these are posted and accepting applications. You can always read about faculty job openings at jobs.uh.edu. Further, five replacement NTT searches were also approved (not listed here).

Biology and Biochemistry

  • Population and Climate Change Biologist (Asst Prof)
  • Disease Biochemistry (Asst Prof)


  • Synthetic Inorganic/Materials Chemistry (Asst Prof)

Computer Science

  • Data Science with a Focus on Smart Cities/Communities (Asst Prof)

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

  • Tropical Meteorology: Including Cloud and Precipitation Physics and Chemistry (Asst Prof)


  • Applied Mathematics with a Focus on Information Science (Asst Prof)
  • Mathematical Biology and Network Science (Asst Prof)


  • Quantum Materials Experimentalist (Assoc or Full Prof)
  • Theoretical Nuclear Physics (Asst Prof)