NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

Graduate School Ombudsperson Position: Applications Due Oct 1

The Graduate School will fill a new graduate and professional student ombudsperson position this fall. This position will be an administrative appointment for a current faculty member.

Position Description

The Graduate School ombudsperson will be a neutral, independent, informal, and confidential resource for graduate and professional students who can provide assistance and coaching on a variety of issues. The ombudsperson will not participate in any formal grievance procedures other than as a neutral observer and will not make binding decisions of policy. The ombudsperson will listen to concerns and help graduate and professional students understand what university policies and resources exist relevant to the concerns. The ombudsperson may coach or provide options to the graduate or professional student on ways to approach a difficult conversation and will also explain what would be involved in pursuing a formal complaint or grievance.

Position Details

  • The initial term will be three years and is renewable.
  • The position will carry an administrative stipend equal to 25% of the academic year salary.
  • The ombudsperson is an independent position with reporting to the Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School.

More Details and How to Apply

If you are interested, please see this document for additional details on Duties/Responsibilities, Qualifications, and How to Apply. The deadline is October 1, 2021.