NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

FY20 Budget Planning Underway

The Provost’s Office has asked for NSM’s FY20 Budget Plan by the end of March.

This report includes:

  • Current Status of each Goal in our Strategic Plan
  • Outcomes for our College Success Measures
  • FY20 Hiring Plan
  • Funding Requests for Short-term Initiatives

For the moment, it is unlikely that new base allocations will be available, although there is a possibility for a small amount of one-time funds. Ideas for low-cost, new short-term initiatives have been requested from departments and will also be solicited from the faculty at the March 29 NSM Faculty Meeting.

No new dollars for faculty positions are expected this year and hiring for replacement faculty positions will not be automatic. Each position request will need to be clearly justified as to their potential to support the development of nationally ranked programs through increased research and scholarship and their relevance to the four research thrust areas (Cyber-Physical Security, Drug Development/Discovery, Sustainable Communities/Infrastructure, Accessible Health Care) and to other cross-cutting areas (synergisms with other departments, colleges, and centers.)

As part of this process, colleges are being asked to reallocate resources from vacant positions in cases where the position does not meet the criteria for national excellence identified above or could be better used to advance the college.

As of now, no decision has been made on merit raises.