NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

Student Success Update

Over the past several years, the College has steadily been building its student success infrastructure, keeping an eye not only on what is working elsewhere, but also on our own data. We’re proud to report on recent victories.

Incoming First-Year Cohorts: 90th Percentile on SAT/ACT on Average

NSM’s incoming first-year cohorts are now reliably in the 90th percentile nationally on the SAT and ACT on average. We project the Fall 2019 cohort average will be in the 94th percentile, up almost 10 percent from four years ago. This has been accomplished while increasing the size of incoming classes by 2–5 percent each year and maintaining or increasing ethnic diversity.

NSM Continuing Leader in Serving Under-Represented and Low-income Students

With two NSF Hispanic-Serving Institution grants in as many years and a recent renewal of our NSF Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation grant, NSM continues its success as a leader in serving under-represented and low-income students.

Opportunities to include these NSF-funded Students in Grant Planning:
There are many opportunities for broader impacts through including our many NSF-funded undergraduate students in your grant planning. These students are primed to help with research but need projects and lab homes. For information, contact Andrew Hamilton, ahamilton@uh.edu.

Let Us Know When Students are in Trouble — Use the ‘ASR’ Button

When you notice a student is in trouble — any trouble, use the Academic Success Referral or ‘ASR’ button on the left side of your Faculty Center class roster. Submitting an ASR is as simple as clicking the button. We’ll follow up with the student and with you to make sure your students get the help they need.

To submit an Academic Support Referral, use MyUH Self Service to navigate the Faculty Center. Clicking on the Faculty Center tile will bring up your current class schedule. Clicking the left-most icon for any of your courses (called out by the red box below) will take you to the class roster for that course.

You can submit Academic Support Referrals by clicking the ASR button for particular students (called out by the red box below). The ‘ASR Submitted’ indicator will be highlighted for any students for whom you submitted an ASR until that referral has been fully addressed.

As far as we’ve come, there is still a lot of work to do. While the quality of our incoming cohorts has steadily increased over several years, they are performing only slightly better than cohorts from a few years ago in terms of annual retention, grades earned, and timely progress toward graduation. We are working to improve academic support and to implement curricular and catalog changes that move students in the right direction early in their careers.