NSM Faculty/Staff Newsletter

From the Office of the Dean

New College Success Measures Set

All UH colleges are evaluated yearly based on a set of predefined success measures. These evolved from the old College Report Cards.

For FY19, the Provost’s Office requested that all colleges adjust these measures with an eye toward the 50-in-5 goals while keeping key student success measures. Over the past few months, all of the colleges have worked with the Provost’s Office to define these new measures.

The following measures will be used to evaluate NSM for FY19:

  1. Total Research Expenditures
  2. Journal Articles and Published Conference Proceedings
  3. Doctoral Degrees Awarded
  4. Number of Citations of Journal Articles and Published Conference Proceedings
  5. Percentage of Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty with External, Competitively Funded Grants
  6. Number of Faculty Awards and Society Fellowships
  7. Six-Year FTIC Graduation Rate
  8. Bachelor’s Degrees Awarded
  9. Third-Year FTIC Retention Rate
  10. Total Annual Giving (Cash Basis)